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Perhaps you are struggling with the challenges of a learning disability or a disorder that affects brain functioning? Or, maybe you simply want to find ways to improve the way that you think and act. This website can teach you all of the above and more - from the structure of the brain, to how it works in healthy adults or in people with health conditions affecting the brain.
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Amazing Brain Stories
Amazing Brain Stories: Newest Ways to Preserve Your Brain, Get Smarter...
Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains: Solving Problems With Fluid Intelligence, How Your Memory Works,...
Childhood Development
Childhood Development: Parental Mistakes in Training Kids, Social...
Health and the Brain
Health and the Brain: Supplements to Focus Your Mind?, What is a...
Improving Your Brain
Improving Your Brain: How to Get Great Exam Results Using Exam...
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities: Tourette's Syndrome, Play Therapy, Speech Delay...
Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter: Can Emotional Intelligence Really Predict Success?, Using Your...
The Ageing Brain
The Ageing Brain: Stroke Rehabilitation, Acute Confusion, What Causes Alzheimer's,...
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  • JS77
    Re: Telekinesis
    I'm Jennifer Sim from Malaysia and I get your contact via Google Search. I need help and I'm going to tell you about myself in summary: Ok, I have…
    22 July 2015
  • chami
    Re: What Hypnosis can do for Your Brain
    developed mind can touch unknown dimensional areas,if our mind strong and sharpen it able to do unbelievable activities.…
    6 July 2015
  • Prometheus
    Re: Savant Syndrome
    I have Aspergers & 5 years ago suffered a TBI whhich radically changed me and "unlocked" some interesting things. I never passed a language course…
    1 June 2015
  • Bob Dylan
    Re: Left and Right Brain Working Together
    Thank you for this! Great!! Just Great!!!
    18 February 2015
  • whsmith
    Re: Is Intelligence Inherited
    People are just looking for excuses to blame their laziness on their genes which may play a part but they should not stop working hard…
    6 February 2015
  • gullu
    Re: How to Get Great Exam Results Using Exam Technique
    I always prepare best for my exams but I never get first position or excellent result.I m in class six…
    26 September 2014
  • George
    Re: Learning Motor Skills
    I have a kid at the age of 14 and i was wondering what to do
    14 November 2013
  • robbie247
    Re: What is Hypnosis?
    Hello, Thank you for writing such an informative website. I have had clairvoyant experiences and experience telepathy - exactly how you…
    8 September 2013
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